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 Online Auctions 

Online Auctions

Check out the assortment of sports memorabilia through our online auction! 

The physical items will be at the event to see for yourself and available to pick up after the auctions close. 

The auctions close on February 3, 2024 at 9pm. Winners can pick up their winnings on Sunday between 9am-3pm at Bethlehem Municipal Ice Rink. 

Raffle Baskets

 Raffle Baskets 

Our raffle basket selection is one of our largest attractions!  In 2023, our Lehigh Valley community really came together to provide some amazing items for anyone to have the chance to win!  See our media page to learn more. Our 2024 selection will be even better!

On the day of the event:
8am - Raffle Basket tickets available to purchase

$5 = 5 tickets

$10 = 10 tickets

$15 = 15 tickets

$20 = 25 tickets (best value!)

9pm-11pm - Winners contacted via phone

Winning baskets can be picked up on Sunday between 9am-3pm at the Bethlehem Municipal Ice Rink!

Be sure to thank our Raffle Captain, Carrie Cevicelow, for organizing and putting together the best assortments each and every year! 

If you would like to donate raffle items, please email to organize a drop off before the event. 

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